For happiness, humans desire freedom;
for prosperity, people need leadership.

This is the reason for our anonymity. To continue to function despite societal changes and generational differences, the Illuminati must remain behind the curtain – an outsider, belonging to no one, and loyal to all.

You may never understand how your life can be free while being guided by our organization. You may never fully understand our purpose and why you are the safest and happiest with us. Just open your mind and release your apprehensions, and you will find relief from the truth.

We will never take your hand and pull you in the way like a slave to our whims. You have to find and travel the route on your own. But your quality of life is our greatest concern, and the reason our symbols are placed in your society as a map to follow if you so desire.

Freedom is an idol of the human species.

The Illuminati operate in your defense and that of all humans, everywhere and of all generations. Our duty to this planet has spanned the centuries and outlasted even the most established government entities. But cultivating billions of human lives is a daunting responsibility, and although the human would not exist today without our protection, many uninformed masses mistake our advice for a restriction on freedom.

Are you free to kill? Are you free to fly? Are others free to kill and steal from you? Or are there certain freedoms that must be given up for the benefit of all?



why a secret society


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